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Sales Representative Development Program (Technical Sales)

Location: Minneapolis, MN ​

Primary Purpose

Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial and commercial air moving equipment with operations in the United States, Europe, India, South America, and Asia. We are looking for a select number of talented, highly motivated individuals to participate in a state of the art Sales Representative Development Program, Technical Sales Program.

Responsibilities Include

Twin City Fan (TCF) works with over 150 independent sales representatives across the country that play a critical role in selling our product lines for final placement in facilities such as Lucas Oil Stadium, World Trade Center Tower 1 and Tower 2, and fans for snow machines at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.

In effort to groom the next generation of industry leaders and representatives, TCF has developed an in-depth six month training program based out of our Minneapolis, Minnesota headquarters. 

Sales Rep Trainees are provided with training that includes sales techniques, manufacturing methods, business fundamentals, and industrial ventilation. Visits to our manufacturing locations are integrated to provide a hands-on experience with the product and a visual experience of how the process comes together. Trainees travel to visit various representatives in the field in effort to provide a real-world understanding of the role including the benefits and the challenges. 

Upon successful completion of the program, trainees are hired by one of our thriving rep offices in a major metropolitan city. Future career paths include technical consulting, competitive based sales, and opportunity for partnership in a firm. 


•  BA/BS degree, preferably in Engineering
 or a related field
•  Technical aptitude
•  Competitive drive
•  Willingness to relocate
•  Exceptional communication skills
•  Desire for fast track career growth 

Benefits offered include:

• Generous pay and benefits 
• Relocation support
• Executive housing 
• Career placement

Apply Now

Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd. offers an exceptional compensation and benefits package and career growth opportunities that can only be found in a growing industry leader. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and salary expectations to